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I have a Laserfiche ECM license and want to install DDC. The installation packages says: Install Distributed Computer Cluster 9.2 Preview Is this the right installation, or am I missing something? I don't want a Preview, but the licensed package, as I have Laserfiche ECM.

There is currently no ‘full’ version. The preview is included with Laserfiche Rio and Laserfiche Avante. The reason that it has been ‘preview’ is that the licensing may change in a future version, not that there are multiple versions or that thie one is incomplete.

I have a repository A where i have created a business process. I have added another repository B to that server. Now i want to be able to get the business process a created on repository A to work on repository B. Is there a solution

Business processes can only be started from the repository defined in the business process connection profile. If you are wanting to initiate a business process in multiple repositories, you will need to make a copy of the business process (export and re-import), and configure this other business process to use a connection profile for your other repository.

how to Disable & Enable Submit button ? scenario is if End User forget to sign the Submit Button to be Disable.

You should be able to disable it by setting the “disabled” attribute on the button before the signature is applied and then removing it after the signature is applied:


<event on signature field – signature is applied>

Or you can show and hide the submit button using $(‘.Submit’).hide() and $(‘.Submit’).show() in javascript.

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