Import information instantly

Laserfiche’s built-in scanning interface connects directly to
your scanner to process paper documents from any file format.


Clean up image quality and apply enhancements to scanned documents.


Automatically separate and sort scanned documents into the right folders.


Make all incoming documents full-text searchable for future search and retrieval.


Schedule automatic import with digital document imaging.

Capture documents from mobile devices

The Laserfiche Mobile app offers a mobile document imaging system to create
content and work with documents on iOS and Android devices.

  • Turn photos taken with phones and tablets into digital documents.
  • Make all content captured on mobile devices full-text searchable.
  • Initiate and participate in automated business processes from anywhere.
  • Capture fragile, archival or odd-size text documents and transform them into digital, searchable files without purchasing a specialized scanner.

Digitally collect information with e-forms

Replace paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be published on
intranets or public websites.

  • Create and publish e-forms with an intuitive forms designer that requires no coding.
  • Customize form fields, color and layout.
  • .Streamline review by connecting forms to workflows that can be built quickly in a drag-and-drop business process modeling pane.
  • View reports of all submitted forms, pending and completed tasks and approval histories.
  • Store forms as PDFs for efficient archival and distribution.
Digitally collect information with e-forms

Capture electronic documents

Our document imaging system connects directly with standard office tools.


Save documents directly from Microsoft Office applications.


Convert working documents into archival formats for permanent storage.


Drag-and-drop electronic files into document repositories for easy storage.


Import documents from e-mail, including attachments, with one click

Capture electronic documents