Get up and running with Laserfiche immediately

Store documents in intuitive folder structures in a familiar interface.


Find documents easily within organized folder structures.


Automatically file documents upon import.


Easily duplicate existing filing structures.


Navigate and preview content with thumbnails of document pages.


Make scanned and electronic files full-text searchable with optical character recognition (OCR).


Save changes with document check in/out.

Add context to digitized documents

Facilitate document updates with a unified metadata system.

  • Create reusable document fields that note key document information, like document author and approval time.
  • Build standard document templates that can applied to different documents or folders.
  • Connect related documents, like e-mails and their attachments, using document links.
  • Track, display and compare document versions.
  • Sign and validate documents with digital signatures.

Apply annotations to documents

Modify information directly on pages, text and images.

  • Hide sensitive material from unauthorized users with redaction tools.
  • Add instructions or comments with document sticky notes, call out boxes and text boxes.
  • Apply public or personal stamps, such as “Date,” “Approved,” “Confidential” and other indicators.
  • See a complete list of a document’s annotation history, including type, date and included text.
Apply annotations to documents

Integrate with ERP systems

Facilitate information transfer between Laserfiche and existing accounting software.


Reduce data entry with automatic lookups for vendor or invoice numbers.


Transfer files from network directories, fax servers and more.


Access documents stored in Laserfiche directly from accounting applications.


Trigger invoicing review and approval from actions taken in PeopleSoft®, Microsoft® SharePoint® and other popular back-office systems.